I was a Good Girl

Sir took me to a local play party last night. I was instructed that we would be there together, but to act “friendly” with him. It has been a long time since Sir claimed me publicly. He said I must be patient. Before we went in I gave him my last kisses, then I set to my task of earning his collar again.  You will hear a lot about submission being a gift, but for me it is a challenge. If I can do it well enough and long enough, I might prove worthy of his dominance.

I walked behind him. I kept my posture straight, my chin lifted, and my gaze forward. I stood to his right and slightly behind him. I maintained my composure at all times. As more people began to arrive, some who knew us when we were in a D/s relationship before asked him if they needed his permission to hug me. Higher protocol is not popular in our community. I am one of the few who is known to take it seriously, thanks to Sir. Because of this, people always ask my date for permission to hug me, just in case he is my Dom. The first time someone asked, Sir said, “Not yet.” The second time, he said, “We are together. But we haven’t gotten to that yet.” You couldn’t have found a happier girl in that room! I have been waiting a long time for Sir to share with others that I am his.

Later we sat down together and began chatting with friends. I was not allowed to go to the bathroom until he gave me permission to leave. The excitement was building for me, as I realized Sir was enjoying dominating me.  He had said he didn’t bring his toy bag, so I knew we wouldn’t be doing a scene. But, I was content to be there with him. I was thrilled he wanted me there by his side. Strangely, I no longer cared what anyone thought about it. As I sat next to him with my legs crossed, Sir reached under my left thigh, grabbed a handful of muscle and squeezed. He knows all the most painful ways to grab me. He watched me as he dug and clenched until my face was twisted in pain and then he held it there in the most painful spot. I sucked in deep breathes and tensed my body to wait out the flood of pain. With Sir, it is the perfect combination of sadomasochism and power exchange. The knowledge that my Sir loves to hurt me combined with the intense desire to please him with my submission gives me the strength to endure more pain than I think I can bear. Our friends watched as he continued to squeeze me. Though my face was scrunched and hidden against his shoulder, my body remained poised and I resisted the urge to cry out. As the pain surged and faded in waves, my head began to tingle and waves of pleasure surged through my body. I was going to cum. I could no longer contain myself and I let out a loud moan as a came. He scoffed. Our friend remarked. The top at a nearby scene paused and tittered, then went back to her scene. I opened my eyes and smiled sheepishly. Sir growled in my ear: “Be quiet. Your interrupting her scene. Have you forgotten everything I taught you?” He said this while finding yet another tender spot on my thighs and squeezing. I sputtered, “Yes, Sir. I have forgotten everything.” Because I haven’t forgotten that a submissive never disagrees with her Sir in front of others. Because when he is hurting me he owns my mind, body, and soul. As the lulls between the jaws of his hands lengthened. I drifted into a contented endorphin high and watched the people and scenes around me. My heart swelled with love, admiration, and gratitude for my Sir. We left early around eleven. As we prepared to say our good byes, I leaned in pressed my lips close to his ear and asked, “Will you fuck your pussy when we get home?”.

He put a cruel grin on his face, winced his eyes, and gave an answer that wasn’t promising. But I wanted him so bad, I didn’t lose hope. He always wanted to fuck me. I asked three times as we left and ventures back to my place. When we got there. He didn’t take his coat off. I asked again. “Will you fuck me before you leave, Sir? “No,” he replied with a smug look on his face. I frowned and went to the bathroom before I would say my goodbyes. I stripped off my leggings to see if the spots that still burned on my thighs also had bruises or marks. I hoped that when Sir saw my naked thighs he would have to stay. I came out of the bathroom and kissed him passionately, pressing my hips into his groin, until I felt him get hard against me. Me patted me in the direction of my room and I stripped my shirt and bra off. He took his coat off and gently shoved me towards the bed. I laid back with just my legs hanging off the bed from my knees down. He towered over me grabbed my hair right above the nape of my neck and gently pulled until my back was arched, my chin up and my face pointed away from him. he let go and I held myself there while he unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants. He joined me on the bed and pulled me up to the top with him. I felt his hands on my body as he kissed me and sometimes squeezed me to remind me of the pain. But, this wasn’t about sadism anymore.

My Sir gazed at me lovingly as he shoved his dick inside me. As he filled me up with it, I was overcome with the desire to have him so deep inside me, so pressed against me, that I could almost believe I could meld with him, into him, and lose my separateness from him entirely. I came over and over and over again. I came beneath him, soaking the bed. I came on top of him until the sounds of him entering me became slippery squashes. I whispered in his ear, “Sir, I have cum so many times, I want you to be able to cum too.” “I will cum when I am ready,” he growled. So I kept riding him. He pulled me close and said. “You were so good this week. Thank you.” Sir loves to give me my lessons while he is inside me. He thrust inside me some more. And then he said it again. “Thank you for being mostly good this week. And see how much I missed you. Even though you weren’t texting me, I still came and fucked you a lot. Didn’t it feel good that you didn’t have to beg. I came to see you because I missed you and wanted you, not because you asked.”  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I reflected on the past 4 hours and realized, Sir had kept his promise. He had rewarded me, for being so good. I rode him until my thighs were burning from a different pain. I toppled off of him. He rolled on top of me. I couldn’t cum anymore. I was depleted from the night. But I am his body, his pussy, his girl. We have negotiated that I am his to take whenever he wants, whether I want it or not. I dared not ask him to cum again. So I laid there while he pulled in and out of me. I became his toy. After he came inside me, he went to the shower.  I joined him and under the stream of water. I daringly bowed my head and said coyly, “I thought you weren’t going to fuck me, Sir.” “I didn’t fuck you,” he replied, “I made love to you.”



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