Casual Sex is not My Thing

I should have known better he was 23.


Only wanted to fuck.

And wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave in.

We were already fucking when Sir and I got back together.

I was fucking everyone without condoms.

Sir said I needed to wear condoms.

The 23 year old vanilla boy said OK.

But I should have known better.

I don’t hold boundaries well.

Especially when it comes to sex.

Which is why I don’t fuck vanilla guys.

They don’t respect boundaries well.

“Do I have to wear a condom,” he asked three times.

I was good.

“Put the condom on or you are not getting this pussy”

I crawled off of him until it was in place.

But after he made me cum so hard

I was not in my right mind.

He took it off.

I told him to put another one on.

“Don’t think you can control me just because you made me cum,” I whimpered.

Then I let him fuck me without the condom.

I won’t tell Sir.

I have to tell Sir.

I told Sir.

He said he was disappointed in me.


He said I can’t see him for awhile because he didn’t respect my wishes.

I told that to the 23 year old vanilla boy.


I told him again.

“Your weird, you liked it.”

I told him my boyfriend won’t let me see him anymore.


“It’s not funny,” I said

“It kinda is”

I should have known better.



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