The Very Bad Mood

I told Sir I was in a very, very



very bad mood

He came to see me anyway

I guess that is what people do when they love each other

Well Sir is also very brave

He listened to me whine in the kitchen

he leaned against the counter while I cooked dinner

I would stop and melt into his arms whenever I had a moment

I was so glad he came

he listened to me whine while I ate dinner

I sat cross legged next to the coffee table

he sat in my recliner

the small human came and crawled onto the couch

they listened to me whine together

I curled up in his lap and he rocked me

back and forth

my whining turned to whispers

as the little one fell asleep

he listened to me whine in the bedroom

resting my head on his shoulder

I pressed my naked skin against his

and told him he was the best boyfriend ever

I said I really meant it every time I said it

Just like I really meant it every time I said he was

the worst boyfriend ever

“that’s just part of my craziness,” I told him

When I was finally done whining

he caressed my body so gently

he touched my breast

as  I drifted halfway into dreamland

he caressed me and squeezed me and bit me only just a little

until I couldn’t open my eyes

but I still wanted him so bad

He made gentle love to me

He was so careful

And I tried my best to be his because

Sir can have me whenever he wants me

But I failed and he let me off easy

I guess that’s what you do when you love eachother

He laid with me until he was sure I was asleep

I heard him try so gently to creep away and leave without waking us

I pretended to be asleep

I felt so loved

Thank you Sir

Sometimes I just need to be a little

and have a Daddy listen to every single little thing that bothered me

that day



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