The Thrill of It

When Sir  was doing his first scene with another bottom, I kept getting up and finding Aaron. The first time I found him in the hall. I leaned in close with a spark in my eye and whispered, “I want to fuck you”. “It’s not happening tonight,” he replied.  The second time, I found him in the middle of a room full of people. I smiled and muttered in his ear, “Remember when we fucked in that room,” and pointed up stairs. “And on that couch,” I added. He nodded his head. He commented that I was trying so hard to change his mind, but it wouldn’t work. I could tell he wasn’t upset by my attempts though. “That’s okay if we don’t fuck tonight,” I said, “I know you aren’t going anywhere.” He looked at me, slightly annoyed, and said,”I don’t even know why you would say that.”  His primary keeps most of his attention. Sometimes, I think he doesn’t want me anymore. That particular night, I hadn’t seen him for two weeks prior. But, history has shown that he always keeps coming for more.

I reminded him I waited a year once. He reminded me that it wasn’t exactly “waiting”. We came to an agreement on yearning. “I yearned for you for a year,” I concluded and darted back to Sir’s scene. The third time I found him in the hall again. I wanted to kiss him so bad, but I was wearing red lipstick and it would have smeared all over his lips if I had. I gazed at him seductively. I touched his face. He didn’t stop me. So, I took both his ears in my hands the way he likes and caressed them.  “You really think you can change my mind,” he commented with a smile. I could tell his fortitude was breaking a little. “Let’s go in the bathroom,” I say. His eyes get wide. “You want to do it in the bathroom,” he asks. Well, usually we do it right out in the open at these parties. But, he is back together with her and I came to the party with my Sir, my love. We are all poly, but none of us are very good at it. When I try to tell him I know though: “I’m not good at poly”. He insists I am. Why argue.

“What would happen if I decided I did want to fuck you,” he asked.  “I would probably get in trouble,” I reply, “I would get all messed up.” And I motioned towards my hair, makeup, and outfit. He commented that it was even more tempting, knowing that it would get me in trouble with Sir. We stood there for a little while, teasing each other. Then someone grabbed my attention outside the door where Sir was scening. She told me, “I think he is looking for you, he needs a glass of water.” She had that embarrassed look on her face, because a protocol sub should always be where her Sir is, ready to serve him. I was not under protocol. But I rushed anyways to get the glass of water. I delivered it to his bottom. And went to help Sir.  “Didn’t you watch my scene,” he asked. “Yes, Sir,” I replied shyly, “I watched almost the entire thing, I just left here and there.”Were you not enjoying watching me,”he asked in a dismayed but teasing tone. I reply, “Yes, Sir. I love watching you. I almost watched the entire scene, Sir. There were…”He interrupts, “You weren’t there at the end, when I needed you.” I told him I was sorry. I tried to look as cute as possible. I said how much I loved watching him.

Later, in the kitchen I stood next to Sir while he snacked. I kept seeing Aaron pacing about. He didn’t look happy. But, he is so hard to read. I knew I needed to be a good girl, even if that meant disappointing Sir more. So, I turned to Sir and asked in my confession voice “Do you want to know why I wasn’t there at the end of your scene, Sir?” “Yes,” he answered. “Because I was talking to Aaron, ” I explained. “Ah”, he said and nothing more. He went back to flirting with another girl and eventually I sighed or blurted out that I was bored, (Yes I need retraining, we have been over this already). ” Well go talk to people,” he said, “You are free to do so.” I went straight to Aaron, hid behind him, and whispered in his ear my apologies. He smiled, then grinned, and said it was alright, he understood. I was happy he was happy to have me next to him again. We wandered around a little. We teased each other some more. He insisted he was absolutely not going to fuck me tonight. I looked at him twisted up to his face, whispered in his ear “I love you”. The first time I had said it to him in person. Then darted away before he could say anything, but I saw the half smile. And I returned to my Sir for the evening, my love.


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