The Adult Shop

I replayed the message exchange with Sir from the afternoon over and over in my head.

“Daddy is going to fuck your ass…”

“Daddy your scaring me!”

“Your body is mine…to do as I please…isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Make sure you are mentally ready to let me fuck you in your ass tonight. It might hurt more than you can bear…But you can escape the pain in the knowledge that you are pleasuring me by giving me everything.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir”

And I was grateful that Sir was giving me the opportunity to be challenged in my obedience. But Sir has a really large dick. My pussy can barely take it all. And, the last time we tried, two years ago, it hurt so bad he never even got it all the way in.

I was on a mission. If I was going to do this for Sir and succeed this time, I needed help. I needed lube.

On my way home from work I googled “best lube for anal sex”. Google claimed that there were no articles matching my search. I was certain it was a conspiracy. Fuck you Google for abandoning me in my time of need! I googled adult shop instead and headed towards the nearest one. I contemplated giving up on my mission several times as the fear of entering the adult shop and talking to a stranger encroached upon me. But then I imagined Sir’s huge dick being jammed into my tiny asshole without any lube and found the will to stay the course.

I entered one of the sleazier adult shops in town because it was closest and I had about ten minutes to get this done. The carpet was thin, old, and dirty. The pornos were lined up like they used to display rentals when movie rental stores still existed. As I walked between the rows of porn DVD covers, I saw two old men standing behind the counter. My heart started pounding. As I got closer, my eyes were darting back and forth between them, trying to decide which one to approach. There was all the lube on display in a glass case in the counter. I stopped in front of the case. And froze.

One of the men asked me how he could help. “I need lube for…,” I sputtered, he maintained eye contact as I finished the sentence with the horrible words that Google had pretended nobody was interested in: “anal sex”. He grinned and ducked into the case muttering, “my favorite kind”. I wondered if he was imagining fucking me in the ass.

When I had made my selection, the other older man rang me up. He was really kind and helpful. I had been grimacing the whole time. I couldn’t stop wondering how I was possibly going to be able to take Sir’s cock anally. Before I left he noted that I didn’t seem like I had much experience with “it”. “I don’t like it,” I replied. He pointed out that if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to do it. “I know,” I grumbled, “But I am a submissive and I want to please my Dominant.” He nodded his head knowingly. I marched out of the store proudly. I had done it. I survived the adult shop and I had anal lube!



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