The Rule-breaking

My 23 year old fuck buddy arrived at my house at 10:30pm on Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t wait to get his dick inside me. I had pent-up angst, stifled energy, and a sugar rush from the miserable holiday. And I was mad at Sir. But, I had gotten Sir to take the boy off restriction. I had permission to let him fuck me tonight. All I had to do was use condoms and I was golden.

We went into my bedroom and laid down. He usually got right down to it, but that night he was taking his time. I was exhausted and wanted to tell him to get on with it and fuck me already. But this submissive doesn’t say things like that even to 23 year old boys. So instead  I peeled my shirt and shorts off and he followed my lead by removing his hoodie and t-shirt. I snuggled up to him and started to caress he stomach and chest. The 23 year old has a nice body. Very little body fat, just enough muscle, and tattoos all over him.

He pushed my hand down to his dick and I started rubbing it over his basketball shorts. I felt him harden to my touch and he took off the rest of his clothes. I crawled on top, hovering my naked body just above him. I wasn’t wet yet and he stuck his fingers inside me. I never have any problems getting wet once there is a digit inside me. “Do we really have to use condoms,” he asked. I put on my best assertive face and said in a firm tone that we did. As I grabbed the condom, I planted my naked pussy against his dick and rubbed back and forth to make sure he was ready. I wondered if I was even doing the condom thing right and what the point was. Whatever, as far as I was concerned, the rule only applied when his dick was jammed inside me. “The tip doesn’t count unless it slips in, right,” I thought to myself. Then, “genital skin to genital skin contact probably requires a condom. I already blew it why bother?” But I put it on him for Sir and for myself. I did not want to get in trouble for this again. I got let off pretty easy before, but Sir wouldn’t let me off easy again.

Earlier, I had threatened to stop following Sir’s rules during a temper tantrum. But, I didn’t mean it. I loved him. I wanted to respect him. That’s why I got permission to fuck the 23 year old first.

He started fucking me hard and fast with the stamina perhaps only young men have. I loved the way it felt. I could feel myself starting to cum right away. I knew he wanted me to cum all over his dick. I knew how badly he wanted to feel that warm gush of juices all over him. But  I didn’t let myself give in to the pressure. I took deep breathes, relaxed and let myself enjoy the fucking. I whispered in his ear, “You can fuck me as hard as you want.” Before long I couldn’t control it anyway and I squirted all over him. He rolled off and pulled the condom off even though he hadn’t came yet. Phew. He was going to give me a break. We both caught our breathe and then he flipped me over onto my hands and knees. He started to tease me with his dick, pressing it just against my pussy without a condom on.

I love being tempted and teased. Mental torture is such a turn-on for me! I wanted to give in so bad. But I held my ground. Every time he started to press the tip inside me I pulled away and told him to put on a condom. I grabbed another condom, opened it and handed it to him. He paused then tried to stick it in again. Still raw. I pulled away flipped around and frowned at him. “Your making this not fun,” I whined, “Please put the condom on.” He found where he had dropped it on the bed and put it on. He complained about it saying, “This one is tight it’s gonna break.” I was already turned back around on my hands and knees facing away. I tried to turn my head as he shoved his dick back inside me. At first I couldn’t tell if the condom was still on but it became apparent pretty quick. Once I was sure their was a condom between his dick and the inside of my pussy, I relaxed and he started pounding into me again. He was fucking me so hard I could feel his hips slam through the little cushioning of my ass right against my sitz bones. I didn’t stop him though. I didn’t care if it hurt the next day. I just needed to be fucked hard.

That vanilla 23 year old was timid when it came to being rough even though he knew that’s how I liked it. He smacked my ass harder than he ever has, but miniscule compared to Sir’s spankings. And always just the one time, one smack and that was it. Oh well at least the slaps were getting harder. He grabbed my hair, not a big enough clump, and not in the spot I like, but enough to yank my head back towards my ass as he continued to fuck my pussy hard. It felt good to be used and abused. He let go of my hair and went back to completely vanilla fucking. I kept cumming, but not squirting. Just mini explosions in my head over and over. Me holding my breath until I couldn’t anymore and then it stopped and started all over again.

Eventually he stopped and pulled the condom off and laid down on his back. His skin was flushed and sweat was starting to bead off of him. I laid next to him and traced the sweat where it had run down his cheek, his neck, to where it pooled in the line between his pecs. I smeared the sweat across his skin to be soaked back in by his drier pores and felt grateful for how hard he was working at fucking me.

We had used the condom twice. We had paused twice. He hadn’t cum yet and I knew he had at least one more round in him. My head was floating from all the orgasms. I tried to find my resolve as he pressed against me and muttered,”We don’t need the condom do we?” “Yes,” I said and I thought of Sir. I also thought of how he hadn’t been there for me for V-day. How he had let me become a blubbering pathetic mess, by not coming to see me. I looked at the 23 year old and said “Yes, we have to!” and “We need to be safe.”

“C’mon,” he said, crawling on top of me and spreading my legs wide, “I know you don’t want to.”And just before he slipped it back inside me he muttered in my ear “C’mon. it’s Valentine’s Day”. I didn’t stop him. I didn’t care anymore. It felt so good. He had given me a stupid reason in a stupid moment to justify my disobedience. To justify my shittiness as a girlfriend. I knew all this and I let it go. I wanted to enjoy it. I thought about Sir and thought, “I will just tell him we ‘mostly’ used a condom.” The 23 year old slowed down and asked me if I was ok.  I said yes. I came and I came and I told myself not to feel bad this time. I already messed up so I might as well enjoy it. He pulled out one last time before he came and I sputtered. “Did you cum?” No. Thank God. I would have really been in trouble for that one. The last time he pulled out,  I came over to help him clean up. I told him to give it to me, hazy from the hard, fast fucking I must have forgotten he wasn’t wearing a condom. He said he couldn’t and I looked and saw that he had caught all of his cum in one cupped hand. Clever little fucker. I grabbed him a towel to clean up instead.

He cuddled me for a couple minutes then got up to go. “I have to work early in the morning,” he said. He asked me if I was angry at him. I told him no. My plan still made sense in my head. Maybe Sir, wouldn’t even ask.





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