The Punishment

I thought if I was really good and didn’t complain or start anything with Sir that he wouldn’t ask about my evening with the 23 year old, specifically whether we used condoms or not. Of course it was wishful thinking. Sir was laying on top of me teasing me with his dick when he started asking me about it. It really turns him on to hear about me being with another man. I told him it was really good and I came over and over. I told him I would have rather it been him and asked if he felt I was out of place asking for the 23 year old when he was on restriction. He said that I didn’t do anything wrong since I got permission from him first. I tried not to show it in my face but I was starting to feel guilty for letting Sir think I was good. I usually tell Sir everything. I rarely hide anything from him, even if it means getting in trouble. I have always been the type of person to tell on myself.

It didn’t take him too long, before he asked if we used condoms, I replied, “Yes…mostly.” As I had planned ahead of time. Sir wanted to know how much mostly was. He kept asking questions until I had told him everything. Even all about my plan to not tell him unless he asked. He had this look on his face like he was dreading coming up with a punishment. I felt awful for putting Sir in that situation. He said, “Well my first thought is to put you on cock restriction for two weeks.”

Sir has tried this before, but it never works. Because Sir always wants his cock inside me too bad. So telling me that I can’t have any cock, including his has not gone well in the past. “No, Sir,” I exclaim, “Please, don’t.” He gave some kind of excuse for not giving me that punishment. Which I interpreted as: “I don’t want to not be able to fuck you for two weeks”. Instead he said he wasn’t going to fuck me that night. He told me I wouldn’t have the pleasure of Sir being the last man who fucked me. He said I wouldn’t get any of his cum. I was so sad, but I told him I didn’t care anyways. Because, I was still hurt and mad from Valentine’s Day. We talked some more and then Sir said he had to go. I was overcome with sadness. I wrapped my arms around him. My eyes started to tear up. I don’t cry much, so Sir could tell  I was really sad. Or, maybe he was just really horny cause he pushed my panties to the side, pulled his dick out, and said “I won’t leave without reconnecting with you.” And he shoved himself inside me slowly.

He fucked me so slowly. While looking me in the eyes, he asked “Do you know why I am inside you right now?” Then he answered for me, “Because this is the closest I can get to you.” Then he came inside me. Even though he didn’t make me cum or fuck me very long I was happy anyways. Because I did feel like it helped me reconnect after doubting him, doubting myself, and all the other emotional crap from V-day. After, he told I had to do 2 weeks cock restriction now. I told it wasn’t fair to him because he would have to suffer too. He said, “That’s right, because of your choice we both will suffer and you are causing me this displeasure.” Or something Domly like that. As he left he said we would focus on doing relationship stuff together instead of sex.

That was Wednesday, the night after Valentine’s Day. He came over on Saturday and I made him dinner. We watched a movie together. He came over last night, Monday, and I tried so hard to be a good girl. Sir loves teasing me and he started playing with my pussy. I tried to stay in control. I reminded myself to enjoy it but not get to the point where I wanted his dick so bad I begged for it. I came once just from him playing with me. He pushed me back on the couch and pulled my lace thong down. He started playing with my clit. Then he flicked it with his tongue and I came so hard. He laid me down on the ground and took his pants down. I told myself not to get my hopes up. Sir, has gotten all the way to his naked cock almost nuzzled into my pussy and then left me without fucking me.

I love to gamble though and eventually, I got what I wanted. I felt my pussy filling with all that amazing cock. It felt so good, like we really hadn’t fucked for two weeks (not 5 days). Before I knew it I was coming hard again.  Sir tried to scold me, but I didn’t want to hear it, I just wanted to enjoy him. I don’t know how he makes me feel so amazing. Being with him is better than drugs. Sir took me into the shower and we fucked in the shower. I came even harder.

When we got out of the shower, Sir still hadn’t come. He went out to the living room and I laid down on my back with my thighs pressed together, Sir’s favorite position to make him cum. He fucked me and even though I was just trying to be of service to Sir, I came hard again. He finally gave me all his cum. Before he left, later on that night, I said, “Now your going to have to come up with a new punishment for me, Sir.” “Yeah,” he agreed this would’ve worked better if I had another sex partner right now.” Then he added, “You still can’t fuck him though.” He told me if  I ever broke the rule again, I would lose his trust in me and we would have to wear condoms when we fucked. “And I know you wouldn’t like that.” I wanted to promise that I would never do it again, but I was pretty sure I had said that the last time I broke the condom rule. He advised me, “You will just have to eradicate the ones who won’t listen to you.” “Yes, Sir,” I replied, “I won’t fuck the 23 yr old anymore.” He had my nipples between my fingers. He looked at me mischieviously and said, “He wasn’t that good anyways.” I looked away. “Right,” I said, reluctantly, “Well, he wasn’t good enough to make it worth losing your trust.” And I felt the sharp pinch of his fingers squeezing my nipples. I reworded it. More sharp pain. I looked him in the eyes and said, “He wasn’t that good anyways.” He smiled and didn’t squeeze my nipples that time. Then he started squeezing them just for fun.


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