Sir said we haven’t really done much D/s yet. In my head I thought, “Well what the fuck have I been blogging about!?” Maybe we haven’t done a lot of protocol, but in my mind if he is directing me, if I feel the urge to follow his direction, if there is a lesson learned or a difficult result for my behaviors, if there is a change in my behavior because I know it will please him, if there is pain involved, it is D/s. That is the kind of submission I have to give. Once, a long time ago, When Sir first started considering me, the first time, he told me he liked my hair long. It was not an order. Yet, the next time I went to the salon, I called him first and asked for permission to get a trim and how much I could take off.


4 thoughts on “Briefly

  1. you are right in your view of all these aspects being D/s and I believe that does not negate or contradict His stance of you two doing more D/s in the future. But it is possible, that a lot of the things you have done, the focus is a lot on you the submissive, and maybe your Dominant wishes, that there will be also more focus back onto Him. So yes, when He directs you, and you follow, it is D/s but it is a lot about you, and maybe He just wishes that in your future D(s interaction the focal point is more on Him. Just My thoughts on the subjects, yalls millage may vary

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