The Whips

We all drove out to The Ranch together: Sir, BF #2, his friend, and I. It was the first Saturday of the month, which is usually the biggest party in our small community. The Ranch was hosting this month and was a big, beautiful house on a large lot. Though it was a thirty minute drive out to the country, it was well worth it. We were all excited. BF #2 had a scene planned with his new lover and had asked Sir and I to watch. I knew Sir was excited to see The Ranch for the first time and I had found a sexy, black dress per Sir’s request. It was slinky, tight, and short. Underneath I wore a fishnet garter, fishnet stockings, and a string thong.

When we arrived my head started spinning. There were so many amazing outfits, leather top hats, sexy lingerie, and fancy dresses. I stayed by Sir’s side and tried to keep my dress from sneaking up above my stockings without tugging on it constantly. BF # 2 waited for his lover and we had over an hour to visit and watch as more and more people arrived. I tried not to let my mind wander too far from Sir’s footsteps and conversation.

Sir mentioned that he had brought the new dragon tail he had been working on. I remembered he had said it would be nasty and my heart started racing. Then, he said that he had heard there was enough space for whips at The Ranch so he had brought those too. I was excited and afraid. I loved whips, but I always doubt my inner fortitude. Would I be strong enough? Could I endure the pain? Would I please, Sir? What if I let him down? What if I let myself down?

BF #2’s lover finally arrived and she was already blindfolded. He called me over and asked me to stay with her while he went to retrieve his things. I held her hand, she was shaking like a leaf. I tried to calm her and soothe her with my voice until he returned. As the scene slowly unfolded, there were still more and more people arriving. I exclaimed loudly about a beautiful dress and felt Sir squeeze my shoulder. I looked up and got a long, stern stare. I needed to focus. What was I there for? Sir. He needed to be my only focus, him and BF #2’s scene. If I didn’t get into submissive mode, how would I be able to endure Sir’s delicious whips?

When they got to the cutting part of the scene, I turned to Sir and told him I couldn’t watch. He told me to turn around and then gently pressed the top of my head down so I knelt beside him facing the wall. I emptied my mind of everything, but the sweetness of kneeling beside Sir.

As the scene was finishing Sir sent me to see if either of the crosses were open. They were not. As we waited, my toes started to ache from my high-heels and when I felt I could endure it no longer, I asked Sir for permission to remove them. He said no. I focused on enduring the torture and regretted asking at all.

When it was finally time to start our scene, Sir took my hands looked me up and down and told me to remove my dress. I did. And my bra. I did. “This will do,” he said. I looked at him with pleading eyes and asked, “Please, Sir, can I remove my shoes?” He allowed it. Once my shoes were off, he grabbed me by the hair and led me to the table where he had his toys laid out in a line. “We will start with the little paddle to warm you up,” he said, taking me through three types of floggers, two dragon tails and a little whip. “Then,” he continued, “If the audience stays back for enough and there is room I will use the red whip.” I nodded my head. “I brought my sorority paddle to finish,” he said, Do you remember it?” I shook my head no.

He took me and pressed my chest against the cross. He ran his hands along my body, placing me where he wanted me. Every time Sir placed me a certain way, I froze myself in that position. He ran his long nails down my back, digging them into my skin. He started to lightly spank me in a quick drum like rhythm. I focused my breath. Long breaths in through my nose, long breaths out through my nose.

As my skin began to warm up, I focused on enduring the pain. I reminded myself that it would get easier and would be worth it. I never turned my head to see what was coming next. If Sir wanted me to know, he would hang a toy on my shoulders or gently rub them across my shoulder blades. The first flogger was soft and slow just kissing my skin. The leather felt amazing as it caressed my back and ass up and down. Then Sir went harder and faster. But not too hard and fast.

Sir came up behind me and asked me how that had felt. I just purred, “I love you so much.” I immediately got a hard spanking that reverberated through my body. Fuck. I thought. Sir, didn’t like that answer. It was immediately followed with another smack, equally painful. He grabbed the pair of floggers and started flogging me with the fancy thing he does with he does with his wrists. A constant flutter of leather falls landed painful hits on my ass. Then landed hard across my back and he started over again. It got gradually harder and harder. I told myself to be strong and that if I could get through this I could get through anything. I began to squeal, moan, and whine.

When my moans got desperate enough. Sir, stopped and came beside me. I didn’t turn my head but I felt him close. I could hear his breathe and it calmed me. It reminded me that I was here for my Sir. He was there for me. Then he stepped away and I felt the sting of a dragon tail. All the burn instantly in a small area of my back or ass. Ping. Ping. Then faster He turned me around, so my bare breasts were facing him and tilted my head and neck back. I felt them on my breasts. Then on my pelvic bone. When one landed right on my clit, I couldn’t help it and I jumped up and looked at him. I was oblivious to any spectators. I just saw my Sir with his dragon tail and an evil smile on his face.

When he was done torturing my front side he turned me around again and told me it was time to try out the new dragon tail. I braced myself for what was to come. It had a much duller bite, but the area it hit was wide. When it landed hard it, would send more vibrations through my body.

By then I had been sinking in and out of my happy place for a while.  My happy place is when an endorphin load drops and I don’t really feel the pain anymore. I am aware there is pain, but I am separate from it. As Sir smacked me again and again with the new dragon tail, I felt tingling start through my body and up to my head. The tingling rushed through my brain and I couldn’t help it I came. I could tell Sir was pleased because he came up beside me and whispered, “Your not going to soak my toys are you?” Then as he stepped back again he said much louder, “I think we found a favorite”

After a brief pause I heard the crack of a whip behind me. It didn’t contact my skin though. As the whip continued to crack along my back just barely out of reach of my skin, I grinned to myself. Sir was out of practice with his aim. I always feel satisfied when Sir misses. It brings out my little brat. I think, “Ha ha, missed me.” I don’t know why because he always gets me eventually.

Sir came and grabbed my leg and tilted it up so that the pad of my foot was facing him. He instructed me to keep it there. I knew he was planning on using my feet for target practice. I love having my feet tortured, so I didn’t mind. Eventually he got the side of one pretty good. So, he told me, “Now the other one.” So I planted the whipped foot down and lifted the other side in the exact same position. He did better on that side. He got me good right down the middle of the pad of my foot. I yelped. “Now both,” he teased.

After he whipped my butt and back some more, he complained that it wasn’t leaving any marks. He got the bigger whip. His aim was much better with it. I felt a good one hit the very under of my ass cheek right before it folds and becomes my thigh. It stung, burned, and reverberated. It didn’t stop for a few seconds. I braced myself for the next one. After a few more cracks he got the other cheek a little higher. I wailed.

Sir came and turned me around and pulled me away from the cross. I opened my eyes and saw all the people watching him whip me, maybe 20 people. I saw BF #2. I met Sir’s eyes and tried to guess what he was up to. He put my hands above my head andtold me to keep them there. He stepped away and threw the whip. I felt it wrap all the way around me and lightly smack the back side of my body. I smiled and enjoyed the sensation of the whip wrapping around me. When he was finished he told me to apologize to the spectators for all my screams. I did and then I turned to him and said, “But I didn’t really scream that much, Sir.” He grabbed the long wooden sorority paddle and spanked me with it. Oof! I took the full impact and dropped to my knees. I stayed there with my head bowed to the floor. Sir asked me why I was being such a brat. I just shook my head and said I didn’t know.

Sir sat down beside me, hugged me, and tweaked my nipples. Everyone was just staring, saying nothing and it felt awkward. But I realized Sir was pleased and I had taken the whips. So I turned to him and asked him if I did good.  He said I did and told me to crawl over to the side. He said I wouldn’t be able to put my dress back on yet, it would just stick to me. He put his toys away and tucked my dress and bra in with them, but handed me my shoes, saying if I wouldn’t wear them, I had to carry them.

There was no place to lay down, so he led me over to where our friends were standing. I hugged him, laid my head against his chest and began to drop into another level of consciousness. I clung to my shoes with one hand and wrapped the other around his neck to hold me up. I kept reminding myself to breathe because it felt like I may forget. I heard his voice in my ear, “I can tell you are really out of it because of the way you are breathing, Doll.” He stayed by my side the rest of the evening, making sure I was okay, caring for me, and comforting me. He found a place for me to lay down and told BF number two we couldn’t leave yet. He seemed very concerned which wasn’t like him, but  I was really floating so I appreciated it. He promised to come see me the next day.

At the end of the night I peeled my dress off, turned around in the mirror, and looked at my ass. It was covered in whip marks. There were stripes straight down each side of my butt crack from the new dragon tail. And where the bigger whip had landed those two memorable strikes, there were two round, raw, open welts. And my first thought was, “What the hell did that asshole do to me?”



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