Fantasy vs. Reality

I write about my life, but when I write I am writing from my perspective for an audience. That makes my blog a fantasy, not reality. I only write about things that I think others might find interesting. I leave out the mundane details. Because when I read your blogs, I don’t want to hear about doing the laundry and picking up the kids. I also tend to write about the more dramatic times whether they be things that made me feel very happy, very anxious, or very sad. Again, when I am writing an account of an experience in my life, I will leave out details that may not seem interesting for the reader. I want to keep the reader engaged so i may not include that I went to the bathroom five times that night or that the homemade hummus at the BDSM party was delicious. And finally,  I will not bare my soul completely, not even here in an anonymous blog. The blog is a creation, a version of myself, a part of my identity. Until what other people think of me holds absolutely no value, I will still edit my personality in fear of rejection.  It is human nature to try to present our best side to others. It is the root of survival. I am a survivor. This blog is part of my reality, but only part. Which makes it part fantasy as well.


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