Reasons to Not Date Sir

He works 32 hours a week at a bike shop

He doesn’t pay his taxes

He prefers to spend his time working on old cars, playing video games, playing softball, and making BDSM toys

He wants to fuck a 21 year old virgin

He doesn’t take a shower everyday?

He doesn’t want to be in consistent communication with me.

He only wants to see me once or twice a week

He is getting old and fat and he wears 80’s clothes sometimes.

It is taking too long for him to get his shit together.

He isn’t present in my life daily.

I am not having fun.

He believes spanking is the solution to my son’s behavior problems.

He is dishonest

He doesn’t seem as clean as me

He doesn’t go to bed as early as me

I feel old, fat, and tired

I feel numb again towards him

Reasons to keep dating Sir

The numbness will probably pass again

I love him

He understands me

I love his touch and his kiss

He is smart and funny

I told my son he is my boyfriend

He is kinky and dominant

I am attracted to him most of the time

I might be having attachment related relationship anxiety and would feel this way in any relationship.

I love his eyes

Most relationships probably aren’t perfect

I love his muscles

I can be myself around him

He has a big dick

He helps me make good decisions even if he makes stupid decisions in his own life.

It would break his heart

I promised I wouldn’t break up with him anymore.

Being with him makes me feel like I don’t need so much therapy…almost normal.


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