It’s Official

Sir has finally publicly claimed me as his girlfriend via Facebook. It’s almost like I am a normal human being. Of course, he put our relationship as open relationship. This is apparently an option now. So, I guess I am also out as polyamorous to all my friends and family. This makes me a little nervous. Especially since I am in the process of applying for grad school. But, I trust Sir. Most of the time. And if he thinks it’s best then I just have to trust that everything will be okay.

Okay. So, what did it finally take for him to claim me as his own? Who can say. He always seems to have his master plan and rarely veers from it. No matter how angry or bratty I get. My hypothesis was that the turning point was my survival on the mountain bike trail in Fullerton, California. We also spent a total of 33+ hours in a vehicle together this weekend and still love each other. Maybe even love each other a little bit more. So, I am happy. I love Sir and I have a new BF #2 who is amazingly sweet and gives me all the attention I want when Sir can’t.

In conclusion, this weekend was an emergency drive to the courthouse to turn myself in. I had found out about an old bench warrant for petty theft that I hadn’t known existed. Because, they had deactivated it right about the time I had started recovering from my drug addiction. The trip cost me over $500 in fines and gas to get there. The mountain bike trail took some skin and blood and left me with some scrapes and bruises. But, it was all worth it. Because, I got to practice accountability and now I can tell the whole world I belong to Sir! Now, I wonder when I can get his collar back around my neck?


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